An Imaginary Chocobo's Paradise.

Hi, you can call me Toast and I have some pretty awesome obsessions :3 I tend to keep to myself because I am kind of shy. I LOVE astronomy. I LOVE the Titanic. I LOVE crime shows. I LOVE the Romanovs. I LOVE the Doctor. Master Chief + Kaiden Alenko + Thane Krios + Andrew Ryan + Augustus Sinclair + Damon Baird + Anthony Carmine + Benjamin Carmine + Soap MacTavish <3 I think with my head and lead with my heart. I'm 19 and I live in a small town. I adore video games, which is obviously an understatement. :3 I loooove to write and take pictures, even though I'm not as good as I wish to be at either. But I always keep trying, and I will get there one day. At the moment I am in a pretty perfect relationship with my amazing boyfriend. <3 I love followers and I will always follow back. This is my little blog about things I like and find amusing. :)
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